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The Interview

Posted on Tue Aug 11th, 2020 @ 7:08pm by Ashex Oo & Miraya Tiala
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Mission: 00- Family Gathering
Location: Ashex Oo’s Penthouse, Stardust City
Timeline: MD03-0800

Ashex awoke in the bedroom of her penthouse apartment still reeling from the festivities of her mother’s celebration of life. It took a moment for her to become fully aware of her surroundings and the time.

Realizing how late she’d slept, the Catullan woman sat up and threw off the covers. She made her way groggily to the ensuite and began the tedious task of washing off the previous night’s activities from her body.

“Play Catullan pop music.” Ashex called, stepping into the shower. There was the familiar chirp of the computer processing the request followed by the electronic and synthy sounds of the chosen genre filling the entire master suite. “Jerooooo, miu yella! Ii tong Jerooooo!” The lilac haired woman sang along to the track.

Ashex enjoyed the feeling of the warm water washing over her body, so much so that she usually lost herself in those moments. Today was no exception. It was only the sound of her personal computer reminding her about a meeting she had arranged that pulled her back to reality.

Ashex quickly dried and styled her hair. Just as quickly, moved to her closet. She pulled out several outfits but settled easily on a charcoal tweed vintage Chanel suit with a midnight blue silk blouse. She slid on her stockings and fastened them to her garter before slipping the blouse on and sliding the skirt on. she tucked the silk top into her skirt and tied the scarf collar in a lovely bow. Pondering a moment, Ashex found her black Vivier pumps and stepped delicately into them.

Leaving her room, Ashex grabbed her suit jacket and then descended the floating staircase into the lain living area. Her Housemaid was at work in the kitchen. "Good morning Rosalba."

The Italian woman smiled. "Good morning Miss Oo. I will bring your espresso and a croissant into your office for you."

Ashex smiled at her Rosalba. "Grazie amore mio." The Catalan said, slipping her jacket on and continuing to the office space in her penthouse. It was past the living space and kitchen. The office was very well appointed. It contrasted greatly to the workspace Ashex occupied at the Social Club. The walls were a dull grey which complimented the white furniture. The ceiling was 15 feet high and the window matched, encompassing an entire wall behind the desk.

The lilac haired woman seated herself and began to peruse the daily news.

Rosalba appeared at the door with a small tray and moved to the desk. She set a demitasse with a saucer and a separate plate with a croissant on the desk in front of Ashex.

"Rosalba, I'm meeting with a Miraya Tiala here. When she arrives will you show her in and get her anything she'd like." Ashex looked up from her computer console.

Rosalba smiled."Of course." She turned and left the room.

Miraya was grateful to be rid of the old guy, though her duties weren't quite finished yet. She was given her pay and instructions to go to some penthouse. As if she knew where to go! She had never been here before. She accosted some kid on the street and demanded to know where the address was. The little girl stuttered and stammered before answering the question. "How far is that from here?" Miraya demanded of the waif. Hmm, too far for a walk if she was to get there at the appointed time. She hailed a transport vehicle and whisked off. When she gave the address to the driver, he gulped noticeably. Strange reaction to an address, but whatever. She tried to pay the driver when they arrived, but he refused the money. He quickly closed the door and took off like a targ being chased by a Klingon. Weird place, she thought to herself. She entered the building, gave the suite number and was shown to the lift.

She presented herself to the door and rang the chime. An Italian woman answered and motioned for her to enter. Fancy digs, to be sure. The woman offered her all sorts of pleasantries, food and drink. Miraya wanted a drink badly, but not now. She wanted to be sharp for whomever she was meeting. She refused all offers and was told to wait. She stood somewhat awkwardly in the kitchen area.

Rosalba had poked her head into Ashex's office. "She's here Miss Ashex."

"Show her in." Ashex said, picking up her demitasse to take a sip of her espresso.

With a comical speed Rosalba returned to Miraya. "Follow me." She said with a smile.

Miraya followed the woman, wondering why she flitted around so quickly. Was she a synth? Nothing was impossible in this kind of place. Their parts brought a handsome reward if you knew the right kind of people. Miraya knew exactly those kinds of people. She shook the thought out of her head. She had to remain focused on the final part of her duties. As the woman opened the door, Miraya stepped inside. Lavish was not a strong enough word. This was a money person, and lots of it.

"Miraya Tiala, respectfully requesting an audience," she announced. All she could see was the lilac hair. Suddenly she felt under-dressed in her Barak-Kadan fan shirt, leather jacket and jeans.

“No need for the formality.” Ashex said standing and offering a hand. “ Ashex Oo.” She said in greeting.

Miraya shook her hand. "Old habit," she shrugged. She relaxed and tried to size the woman up. "So you're my last stop on this journey. Old guy said to see you to complete my duties to him. Didn't say why." She pretended to look around, as if she hadn't noticed every minute detail like she was trained to do. "Nice place you got here. Expensive?"

“Very.” Ashex said with a pointed look. “Make yourself comfortable. I have a proposition for you.”

"Uh, before your proposition....have I fulfilled my duties? It's kind of important to know before we delve into something new. Or is this part of that? I like things clearly defined when it comes to money." She sat down in a very comfortable chair. It seemed to hug her. It was nicer than any chair she had ever sat upon, and probably cost more than she made in a month. So it was going from one contract to the next without a break? That was fine. She just wanted a couple of days to explore the city. She never knew when she was going to get a second chance to see someplace new.

“Your former employer is an associate of mine. He highly recommended you.” The Catullan cleared her throat. “This would be a new opportunity for you, and possible a permanent role.”

"I am the best at what I do," she replied bluntly. "As for permanence, I'm not sure that's what I'm looking for. You would have to make me an offer I couldn't refuse," she chuckled. "You talk. I'll listen. Then we talk money and whether it would be a good fit for me. That's how I operate." She had dealt with a few Catullans in her time and found them most expedient in negotiations.

"Things for me have changed greatly in the last couple of weeks, I have found myself in need of security due to my new position."Ashex picked up her demitasse and sipped her espresso. "You would be compensated greatly for your work and additionally so for your discretion."

Miraya wasn't sure about this. A permanent position? She never had one of those in all her years in Starfleet. The closest she came was the instructor position at Bajoran Academy. There was no doubt in her mind this lady could pay her handsomely for her work AND her discretion. What position had this woman just been named to?

"I ask that you write up a quick proposal, just hours and pay. No additional information is necessary. I'll take up residence in a nearby hotel and give you my answer within 48 hours. Does that work for you?" She hoped it would.

Ashex grabbed a pen and paper and quickly jotted the information. "I suppose it will have to." Ashex smiled and jotted down a few perks as well. An apartment, and vehicle paid for in full. "I hope that does it." She slid the note to Miraya. "You really don't know who I am do you?"

"Titles don't mean much to me," Miraya said, shrugging her shoulders as she took the paper. She intended on finding out information on this woman the old fashioned way. She would seek out junkies, drunks and street criminals. She shoved the paper into a pocket of her jeans without looking at it. "I'll be in touch soon." She couldn't wait to get out of this place. Fancy rooms and high-priced stuff was never her scene. She was first a grunt and always a grunt.

Ashex nodded and watched her guest leave.


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