General Items
Stardust Social Club   A trendy club in Downtown Stardust City
Ashex Oo’s Office   Ashex Oo’s office in the Stardust Social Club
Ashex Oo’s Penthouse   A trendy Penthouse apartment in the very desirable Upper Stardust City area.
Qe' Kengoch   A Klingon eatery in the Little Qo’noS are of Downtown Stardust City
Yamok   A Cardassian sushi restaurant in Downtown Stardust City.
The Betazoid Tea Room   A sleek bar featuring Betazoid libations.
Zarph’s Place   A nightclub in Downtown Stardust City
Z’s Recreation Hub   A gaming facility in Downtown Stardust City.
The Violet Cloud Casino   A Ferengi gambling establishment.
Andorian Spa   A health and test facility
Madame Druella’s Old Fashioned Pleasure House   A pleasure house in a seedy area of Downtown Stardust City
The Grand Orion Agora  
Freecloud Grand Hotel   An essential hotel for every distinguished visitor
Freebank   Largest banking establishment on Freecloud.
Hammer’s House