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The Latest Acquisition

Posted on Tue Aug 11th, 2020 @ 6:59pm by Ashex Oo & Jack Hammer
Edited on on Tue Aug 11th, 2020 @ 7:09pm

Mission: 00- Family Gathering
Location: Stardust City Private Spaceport
Timeline: MD03

The IKS ghoptu Hegh, a K'Vort class ship was landed, docked, maybe parked was a better word. It wasn't gleaming or shiny or polished, at least not on the outside. You could see that it was most definitely a Klingon ship. There were multiple scorch marks and whatnot where it had seen battle. The ship itself would be more than adequate for his purposes. He walked all the way around the ship and stopped in front of the entrance hatch. He looked around and saw Ashex approaching.

The sound of her heels on the pavement was unmistakable. Ashex wore rather large round sunglasses in the midday sun. "So this is it?" She asked, tucking a piece of her lilac hair behind her ear.

Hammer turned and waved his arm covering the length of the ship, "Yes, our very own Klingon ship. We can now K'Vort around the galaxy in style."

Ashex couldn't help but smirk at the awful joke. She surveyed the length of the vessel. "I have to say, I'm not very impressed with what I see."

He shrugged, "From what I've seen, she's in pretty good shape for a Klingon ship of her age. The advantages for us to use a ship of this caliber are that, absent intervention from any major powers, most of the riffraff will leave us alone and should we need to engage in extralegal affairs, then we have the firepower and cargo space to transport any such property as we may acquire."

Pursing her lips, Ashex relented. "Show me inside." She said.

Hammer tapped on the keypad at the entrance hatch. It clanked open. There was a hiss as the interior and exterior air pressure equalized. He pointed to the opening, "Right this way."

Ashex followed close behind Hammer. Klingon design wasn't her taste per se, but things could always be redone. Besides, so many ship technicians owed the Family favours so it would be done for relatively nothing. She looked around wordlessly as they entered.

It was very Klingon on the inside, but in the recreational and mess areas, Hammer could see where Smeezo had added a bit of luxury. The Klingons could do (and probably did better) with Spartan quarters and such, but Smeezo had done some upgrades. Hammer was apprehensive to see what Smeezo had done to the Captain's quarters.

Ashex looked around, her eyes flitting about the Klingon spaces. "I suppose the bones are there. Although, I must say I'm scared to see what Smeezo may have done with the Captain's quarters." With a smile, she clasped her hands. "It will need some work, but I'm sure we can make it acceptable."

"It could be worse, rumour had it there was a B'rel on the market. Those are usually held together by duct tape and popsicle sticks.It got snapped up by a private contractor. It smells like an intelligence outfit, but as long as they leave us alone I don't care what they do."

Shaking her head. "It was probably the Fenris Rangers," She moved about the area, 'I've come across some reports of them buying up any ships on the market."

"Well, we'll have to deal with them sooner or later. If the best they can get is the B'rel, then we'll be okay." He paused. "What else would you like to see."

“ The Engine Room.” Ashex said dragging her hand across a console as they walked. “I’ll need a deck by deck floor plan that I can bring to our design people as soon as possible. I’m afraid Klingon hospitality doesn’t do it for me on any level.”

Hammer was a little disappointed that Ashex would redesign the entire interior of the ship, but then she was the boss. "Right this way." They went down a corridor. "I hope you don't mind climbing ladders, the Klingons were more concerned with staying in battle ready shape than riding turbolifts." He started climbing down a ladder to get to engineering.

“I only want to add for creature comforts.” She said stepping onto the ladder. “And improve the flow a bit.” She kept climbing down. “I don’t think there would be any way to make it look anything but Klingon, but there’s no reason that comfort can’t be a part of Klingon design.”

She was right, it was her ship and she could change it anyway she wanted. "That makes sense. Are we planning to keep the Klingon crew or at least most of them? Or are we recruiting new crew members? I would definitely keep the expected composition of the crew in mind when we are making changes, but you probably already thought about that."

"I wasn't aware the crew was included with the cost." Ashex slowed her pace and allowed her mind to drift to memories of a fond weekend in her youth that involved a Klingon Crew. "I see no reason to terminate their employment unless they're proven to be incompetent." She paused. "Now, the engine?"

"The crew could be fired, but then do you want a bunch of angry Klingons running around Stardust City. Klingon warriors tend not to live very long if they're incompetent." He stepped off the ladder into the engine room. It wasn't the antiseptic clean of a Starfleet engine room, but the equipment was well maintained, if a little worn. "We have arrived at our destination."

“Better to keep them on then, at least for now.” Ashex said with a glance around the room. “Almost gleaming. The Engineer must’ve had a real love for this ship.”

"Engineers tend to have to fix what everybody else breaks, so I could see that this one would want to at least have one place of sanity." He paused. "I was hoping you would be willing to keep the crew. It just means we'll have to find a way to occupy them, or they'll start breaking things in Stardust City. But then, I didn't think you let me buy this ship to have it sit around collecting dust."

“I actually have a run we can send them on if you think they’d be up to it.” Ashex said spinning to face Jack. “A milk run to Temet, for some Kali fal.”

"An easy mission for a ship and crew of this caliber, but I'm always a little skeptical about calling it a milk run." He paused. "After all this is a Klingon ship and a mostly Klingon crew. They're bound to find some trouble to get into. It would make a good first test though."

“I’d like for us to go as well.” Ashex spoke softly while still eyeing the around the room. “To keep an eye on things. In the future I’ll want that responsibility delegated to one of your lower ranks but for now it requires an expert eye.”

Hammer liked the idea of taking the ghoptu Hegh for a spin. It would make for a nice change of scenery. He looked forward to being able to evaluate his 'new' subordinates. "Sounds good."

“I know I’m going to regret this, but we should see what Smeezo has done to the Captain's Cabin.” Ashex shrugged toward the ladder.

Hammer smiled. Ferengi style on a Klingon vessel would be most amusing. "Yeah, let's see what Smeezo did."


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