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Let’s Make A Deal

Posted on Tue Aug 11th, 2020 @ 7:02pm by Jack Hammer & Smeezo
Edited on on Tue Aug 11th, 2020 @ 7:03pm

Mission: 00- Family Gathering
Location: Violet Cloud Casino
Timeline: MD02

The Violet Cloud Casino was as would be expected. There was a lot of dazzling lights and the sound of slot machines ringing. Dabo wheels were spinning. It would have been overwhelming to a tourist. Fortunately, Hammer wasn't a tourist. Hammer was there on business. The owner of the casino, a Ferengi named Smeezo, had reached out to him and mentioned that he had a ship for sale. The message had been short on details, but Hammer was intrigued. He had stuck his head in Ashex's office and she told him to run with it. So here he was in the casino.

Smeezo watched Hammer enter the casino. Timing was important in this sort of deal. What he was selling was not easily available and there was a short list of acceptable clients. Rule Nine came to mind, 'Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.' He put on a big smile and walked up to Hammer. "Welcome to the Violet Cloud Casino, Mr Hammer."

Hammer sized up the Ferengi as he approached. Short, slight, wearing what could only be described as a loud shirt. The Ferengi and his style of dress would not be welcome in the more serious clubs that Hammer frequented, but then this was a casino. He had researched Smeezo before accepting the invitation. Smeezo was a highly successful Ferengi businessman. The whole used car salesman act was just that an act to try to get him to underestimate the Ferengi. Hammer wasn't fooled. He nodded, "Smeezo."

Hammer looked every bit the part of a formidable opponent. Rule Ninety-eight came to mind, 'Every man has his price.' He wondered what Hammer's price was. He shook his head to clear it. It didn't matter what Hammer's price was, he was the one who was selling and Hammer was just a representative of the buyer, not the buyer himself. He pointed towards a private table, "Right this way." He reached out to grab Hammer's elbow and guide him to the table, but did a double take and thought better of it.

Hammer followed the Ferengi to the table and sat down. He looked across the table at Smeezo and waited. Hammer was used to the game. He would let Smeezo open the conversation.

Smeezo looked back across the table at Hammer. Hammer's stare was flat and just short of menacing. He redoubled his smile and used car salesman act. "Can I get you a drink?" This was just another tactic: 'Get the buyer used to saying yes.'

Hammer looked back across the table. He replied in an even voice, void of emotion. "No."

This was going to be a tough nut to crack. Rule two hundred sixty-three can to mind, 'Never allow doubt to tarnish your lust for latinum.' "All business I see. Do you know why I invited you here today?" He asked with a smile.

Hammer stared at the Ferengi. "The message said you have a ship for sale."

"And we have one that I think would be a perfect fit for you and your organization." He gushed.

Hammer slammed his hand on the table causing Smeezo to jump. "Get to the point."

Smeezo's mind instantly went to Rule one hundred twenty-five, 'You can't make a deal if you're dead.' Thankfully his mind replaced it with Rule sixty-two, 'The riskier the road, the greater the profit.' A bigger smile crossed Smeezo's face, "Right you are, right to the point. I have come into possession of a ship that while it doesn't exactly meet my needs, seems to be just right for yours. A Klingon K'Vort class ship, set up just right for someone in your line of business."

Hammer interrupted him by slamming his hand on the table again. "What exactly is my line of business?

Smeezo stammered on, "The sort of business where when you travel, you like to make sure you travel safely." He paused. When Hammer didn't say anything he continued, "Anyway, the ship is outfitted for your comfort and protection."

"I've never been on a Klingon ship that was outfitted for comfort."

"Well, I gave it a spin around the quadrant once or twice. I made some upgrades to the interior to make the ride just a little smoother. I can make you a deal today. Tomorrow, I'll be offering it on the open market."

Hammer went to get up, "There are no other buyers. The only ones who might be interested are the Fenris Rangers, and their bank accounts are ... lacking."

Smeezo had to act quick or he would lose the sale. "What would you consider to be an acceptable price for this beauty?"

He looked back at the Ferengi, "For your obsolete, out-dated, battle scarred Klingon cruiser." He thought for a moment. If he was going to throw out the first offer, then he'd low ball the price. "One hundred bars of gold pressed latinum."

Smeezo coughed. "She's old, but she's survived everything that's been thrown at her. Surely you could come up with a better price. We're talking about your own personal Klingon Cruiser. This isn't some runabout or freighter. She's got it where it counts. One thousand bars of gold pressed latinum."

Hammer scoffed. "One thousand bars is hardly a bargain. If I was throwing around that much latinum, I'd want something that was heavily armed and less ... conspicuous. Three hundred bars."

Smeezo had not expected Hammer to accept the deal at one thousand bars. The Klingon had owed Smeezo two hundred bars when he lost the bet. "Five hundred bars."

Hammer was tiring of the negotiating. "Fine, five hundred bars, but everything better work, or I'll take the repairs out of your hide."

Smeezo breathed a sigh of relief. This had been one of the more intense negotiations he had conducted. "Deal."


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