Professional Security Offerings

Posted on Mon Dec 28th, 2020 @ 5:21pm by The Baroness & Miraya Tiala

Mission: 01-The Baroness
Location: Penthouse, Freecloud Grand Hotel
Timeline: MD02

The Freecloud a grand was the most luxurious hotel in Stardust City. Situated downtown with beautiful waterfront views, it was magnet for wealthy, and prestigious individuals.

Tiala entered the hotel with an air of superiority. The desk clerk was unnecessarily rude, leading Tiala to request the manager. As he approached, Tiala briefly flashed her disruptor in his direction. He stopped in his tracks. She approached him and requested a private meeting. A few minutes later, Tiala and the manager emerged. He was sweating profusely. He ordered his staff to treat Tiala with the utmost respect and give her any information she desired. VIP treatment all the way around.

"I will see the Baroness now," Tiala informed the rude clerk. With universal key in hand, Tiala made her way to the floor where the Baroness and her people were staying. She was pretty sure her black t-shirt, black jeans, black leather jacket and studded black boots would make a stunning impression on whomever saw her getting off the elevator.

The highest floor of the Freecloud Grand was reserved for the most high profile guests. The Baroness was among that elite group. The mysterious figure of the bald woman emerged from her suite with a Vulcanoid woman in tow. “Nerra, have a car called around.” The pair found their path blocked by an unexpected visitor. “Excuse us.” Said The Baroness to Tiala.

"As you wish, Baroness," Tiala offered while side-stepping the women, "but you might think twice about going out without some protection. Just saying. It's dangerous out there." Tiala was leaning against the wall with a placid expression on her face. "I certainly wouldn't trust some random car service with a VIP, but that's just me I guess."

The woman stopped in her tracks. "Do I....know you?" The Baroness sneered.

"Not yet, but I can fix that right quick. Tiala. Security professional for the elite. Maybe you don't fit the profile though. I only work for the top crust, and at a hefty salary." Tiala was doing her best to look disinterested. She began to walk towards the elevator. "No one has ever come to harm under my watch. If you hear of anyone important, tell them to look me up." As the doors opened, she turned to face the Baroness. "Ask around, if you know people. My reputation is impeccable."

The Baroness smirked. "Do you make all of your business by lurking in hotel corridors?"

Tiala smiled and chuckled. "People usually come looking for me. The Queen just died at a ripe old age, so I'm....between jobs, shall we say. I got word someone important might need my services, so here I am. I guess they were wrong. Your companion must surely be Tal Shiar or an Adept of T'Pel or something for you to have such confidence in her. Good for you." She smirked. "I'll be going so you can enjoy your stay here."

"Wait." Said the bald woman. She couldn't help but be intrigued. "What exactly, do you think are the dangers I should need protecting from?"

"What dangers? Hmm. I guess you haven't been here before," Tiala quipped, before turning around. "There are the usual petty thieves, pick pockets, drunks, rats. Then there are the rival gangs, the mentally ill who range about, the peepers, the flashers and the real thieves. I'm sure you'll be fine though. That's if you don't run into the kidnappers," she said, trailing off just enough to thicken the plot.

The Baroness raised an eyebrow. "I think I've dealt with worse." She said knowingly. Her companion looked shaken from the list of possible dangers Stardust City presented them. The Baroness narrowed her eyes ever so slightly and took a step towards Tiala. "Who sent you?" She demanded.

"Sent me?" Tiala answered with indignation. "Nobody 'sends me' anywhere unless they're paying top dollar!" She turned on her heel to leave before turning to face the Baroness and her companion outside the elevator door. "I've obviously wasted too much time here already. Go out and get yourself killed or kidnapped or whatever. You're not my problem." She glared at the Vulcan. "She's YOUR problem."

"Tell Ashex, I say hello." The Baroness smirked. She knew exactly the type of woman that Oo kept around her, and this was it

Tiala chuckled before laughing. "I wouldn't work for that bitch for all the latinum in the galaxies. Oh, I know all about her. Don't get me wrong. Stuck up heiress to a true empire previously ruled by a formidable woman. Not worth working for, though. I protect people from her kind and her people. That's how I got here. Brought by the Ambassador to Risa II. Bloated piece of shit, but paid good." She shook her head. "You pegged me wrong, lady. I resigned from Starfleet to pursue my own enterprises. You can check that out, too. And thanks for the laugh. I don't get to do that often enough."

The Baroness pursed her lips. "You are quite the reverse psychologist, and you never even told me your name."

"On the contrary. I did tell you my name. Tiala. I'll be leaving now. If you want a real security professional during your stay here, you can ask around. I'll get the message. Good luck, ladies." Tiala turned and summoned the elevator again.