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Morning Glory

Posted on Tue Nov 10th, 2020 @ 5:07pm by Ashex Oo & K’Leo & Jack Hammer & Miraya Tiala & Roque Galveston

Mission: 01-The Baroness
Location: Stardust Social Club
Timeline: MD01-0900

Ashex arrived at exactly 9am, with Tiala. Felix was deep in conversation with K'Leo. He looked up, "Doppio Boss?" he asked with his signature warm smile.

"Morning." She said to Felix and K'Leo. She leaned over, watching as Felix worked on the espresso machine, pulling her shots into a demitasse. He set the small cup on a matching plate and turned to hand it to Ashex. She took it and smiled. "Did you want something?" She asked of Tiala.

The Caitian woman purred. "Make her a bone dry cappuccino Felix." Her tail swung slightly behind her.

"Motor oil is my preference - thick black coffee. No sugar. No creamer. Just the coffee," Tiala responded. She had a small flask of vodka to add to it, if she got the chance without anyone seeing her do it.

Galveston was in the typical loose cargo pants with Karambit blade on his right side, the black tee and green button down shirt worn open. He stood by the bar with a tumbler in his hand, Oo had the best Aged Scotch on the planet. He had to drag himself in here after a long night with Grizzy; they had done what she loved doing well into the morning hours and he was dragging today. Surgery worth clean and clothes pressed; ready for any emergency, but casual at the surface.

"What do you need of me Boss Lady, I am a Sawbones, not a Bone Breaker." He had to admit he was irritable this morning as he glanced to Hammer.

Hammer smiled as he took a drink out of his coffee. He glanced at the doctor and bantered. "Everybody's got to have something they're good at."

Ashex took her espresso and began to ascend the stairs towards her office.

Tiala followed Ashex closely. She had no reason to be on guard this morning, but she always was anyway. Ashex seemed pretty pleased with the way she had handled that dumb Cardassian, which she enjoyed a lot. Still, she had much to prove before anyone would see her as a woman not to be trifled with.

K'Leo rubbed her hand across her face. "Well, we'd better head up too."

Galveston drained his tumbler and then followed as this meeting was going to warrant him being somewhat ready to hear what was going to be said; he just had enough that would take the edge off.

"Any hint as to what warrants this kind of a meeting?" He asked knowing no answer would come.
The door opened on Ashex's approach."Lower shades." She said. The shades descended and cast more shadow in the well appointed office space. The office had a round table set off to the far left, far from the large windows. Nonetheless, the shade were lowered for privacy more than anything. Ashex sat at the table with her espresso.

It was easy to discern which seat was hers, the chair was taller and more ornate than those set up for her associates. A tray with a water pitcher and glasses had been set up for the meeting. 'Just because we're in the business of crime doesn't mean we can't be dignified.' the voice of Mama resounded in Ashex's head.

Galveston entered the room and moved to the table chair closest to the door as he did not like meetings; he was here because he had to be. The Boss Lady had asked him, never one to turn down a lady he followed her request and lead. One of the advantages is he did have a practice of sorts; part of his deal, he patched the thugs but also got to be doctor to the Family in General. He would take a child with a cold over a Bone-breaker with Phaser burns or a man looking like a bit of cut meat any day.

Still, he had come upon request and he sat back in his chair giving the Boss his full attention.

Hammer took his seat at the table at Ashex's right. This was going to be a direction meeting. He was good at choosing his own direction, but when the 'Boss' gave him direction, it made his job easier.

"Alright people." Ashex said, setting her espresso to the side. "I received word this morning from the City Port that a rather impressive transport landed and delivered a very wealthy woman . Some of you may have heard of The Baroness, she entered notoriety on Pacifica about two years ago. Mysterious and eccentric by many accounts, and reportedly ridiculously wealthy." She looked around. "My source tells me she is staying at the Freecloud Grand. This could be a great mark for us. Ideas?"

"The wealthy probably bring their own Doctors; I can make a few inquires if I heard of the Doc and with some creativity get my name at least going around as a Great surgeon on planet." He started. "Best money can buy to be sure..." He worked that angle as a smile. "I already have that rep and those rich types like to know the best are in the account for future reference."

Ashex nodded. "That's a great inroad." She said, picking up her demitasse and sipping her espresso.

"Finding information on this woman, besides society pages, is sparse. There is no mention of her before she arrived on Pacifica two years ago." K'Leo purred, looking up from a data device. "Fact finding should be paramount. We need a mole in the SCPD or someone close to her."

"I have some connections still. I can look into her travel prior to arriving here," Tiala offered. "We could also recommend a security detail for her. Such a high ranking diplomat would expect nothing less."

“Do it.” Said Ashex, looking pointedly at Tiala.

Tiala nodded. "Consider it done, Madame Oo," she replied. She would personally go to see the Baroness. It would give her a lot of insight to see the woman surrounded by her people."

The lilac haired Ashex almost smiled at Tiala. "Hammer, do you still have a contact at the Freecloud Grand?" She asked, turning to her right hand man.

Hammer thought for a moment then nodded, "One of the the bell captains owes me a favor. He *should* be able to provide some usable information."

"We just need the floor and room numbers."Ashex smiled. "People I don't need to tell you that this mark could be one of the biggest the Family has ever taken. Keep information tight, we can't afford any leaks."

"Big fish make the best meals," Tiala offered. "Just have to keep the line tight so they don't get away." She smirked. "No good fisher would ever give away their secrets to landing the big ones."

"I believe we all have some work to do." Ashex said, pushing out from the table. "Hammer, a word?"


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