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The Woman and the Ferengi

Posted on Mon Sep 28th, 2020 @ 3:46pm by Ashex Oo & Tozata

Mission: 00- Family Gathering
Location: Ashex Oo’s Penthouse, Stardust City
Timeline: MD06-0900

Getting his feel of the place was half frustration and a large part excitement. While his reputation would eventually raise a Cop or two's attention he will not have half the force with experience from his past. Good business practice to leave a less profitable venture and when the market is either flooded or the cost of doing business no longer giving a good ROI, change is unavoidable.

It took him months and a few 'excursions' to scope out several 'relocation sites' and past 'Associates/ Clients' to make a decision as to where they would start again? After narrowing down the place it was a case of gathering intel about the 'market possibilities' as why go where it was not better profit than where one left?

Now is the final stage; meeting the Major players. It is a real hit to his careful plans that the Lady that he had done business with had passed; she had been an elegant breed of 'Old Bird' who used the Old school methods in a modern setting. He had sent condolences and word of a donation to a charity in her turf. Now he had a cold meeting with the daughter who took over; another canny Female that wield power with a manicured hand with a Big stick in it.

At least he had an appointment with the New Leader; the new Mama of the Family as Tozata would call her only in his records. He had introduced himself and waited for his invitation to enter her 'Parlour' for business.

Rosalba didn’t take her eyes off the Ferengi from the moment he entered the Penthoise. The Italian woman had no trust for a Ferengi. She pretended to clean nearby so as to make sure he wouldn’t pilfer anything.

Ashex has been informed of the arrival of her guest. This fact didn’t make her move with any more haste. She finished her espresso and read the daily news with her feet up. As she reached the last bit of news, sat up and made her way out of the office to the open living space. “Mister Tozata, would like to join me in the office?”She smiled.

"Thank you, that would be kind of you." Tozata said and glancedto Rosalba. "You should pay more attention to your cleaning than me." He smiled. "You missed a spot to your left." He nod and floowed Ms. Oo into her office.

Once inside and the door closed he wait for her to make eye contact.

"First of All I give my humble condolences for your loss."He bow reverently. "Your Mother was a great woman she was a valued client and worth 100 times her weight in Latinum." He offered.

‘Ugh.’ Was all that Ashex could think, still she plastered on a cordial smile. “I appreciate your condolences. It’s a shame you didn’t arrive in time for Mama’s celebration of life, it was quite the do.” She sighed. In truth, dealing with nothing but well wishers and those offering heartfelt condolences was weighing on Ashex more than Mama’s death had.

“I was surprised to hear you were back on Freecloud.” She said with a pointed glance at her guest.

"Your mother and I had an understanding." Tozata explained. "She always sought the best talent and I needed a new place to operate. She wanted a good Acquisition Expert around and I wanted to work 'with' a family but not be a part of said family. She understood the concept and practical application of the possibilities."

Ashex nodded. “So is that why your back? To offer your services should we need them?” She asked point blank.

"The bare minimum of the purpose , Yes." Tozata said. "The business of Acquisition has many facets; the price per job and what need be acquired are as diverse as the person requesting. I would not trivialize what I offer by a Yes or No type question. Am here here because I respected your Mother's vision as to how things operate and chose her territory based upon that relationship. I picked your Family to associate with, there are others but your Family had priority in my Client Database. If you do not wish what I offer I can find others, I just give you First option."

“As it happens, I am in need of some information.” Ashex sat back in her seat, regarding the Ferengi man. Her mother had spoken about his talents, now was a true test.

"That is a service that I offer." Tozata reply with an even tone, he kept the fact having a job always gave him a jolt. "What is it you desire to know?" He kept eye contact. "Once the parameters are presented we can discuss timeline and ... price."

“I want you to look into Mama’s death.” Ashex powered her voice slightly. “The police and medical examiner have drawn their conclusions, but I have my doubts.” She sat up. “I need an ear to the ground to see if there’s any talk about it in the streets.”

"There is much talk of it at the moment." Tozata started. "Mostly those whom your Mother kept in place are waiting to see if you will have a weakened point. Your severity now is expected; I would think a month from now will be when the trouble starts if talk on the streets is accurate." He smiled. "Sample at No Charge." He smiled. "I will have the facts scrutinised and if it is as you suspect I will give your Enforcers a trail."

“And your payment?” Ashex asked raising a brow.

"You know the rates that I had with your mother." He sat back a bit. "Established rates shows her confidence in me."

Ashex pursed her lips and picked up a payment device from her desk. She tapped quickly transferring a sim to Tozata. “There.” She said. “I want to know who killed my mother, as soon as you can.”

"As you wish Milady." Tozata stood. "I will give this my focus and should you need anything else you know how to get my attention." He gave her a bow and was ready to depart as he did not wish to waste her time.

"Rosalba, please show our guest out!" Ashex called out, suspicion filling her voice.


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