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Not seen nor heard

Posted on Thu Aug 27th, 2020 @ 5:15pm by Tozata

Mission: 00- Family Gathering
Location: Docking area
Timeline: MD 05 1030


Tozata was quite comforted being on solid ground; stories up in a roof in the wind, fine. The jostling of atmospheric decent is not so great. He was among the first to disembark; walking along the Docking ramp he could marvel at the fact he would be on solid ground outside Risa. That alone made this whole point worth while.

He had adorn himself in a smart pair of darkes gray slacks with a red turtle neck shirt with a Darkest blue Blazer; the mechanical watch of stainless and a fedora upon his head; the Haberdasher assured him the trim have 'Old School style' as Tozata had the best tailoring of hsi suit. No business but one should always look presentable.

A lovely Orion woman in a Burgandy long dress that was off the shoulders with a slight plunge to the front neck line. The hem of the dress formed a 'V' in the front center just above the ankle to allow the black open toe shoes to peek out as she walked. Lucious Black hair past the shoulders moved and sway with her demure steps. Black Pearl necklace and matching Bracelet on her left wrist. The Black Onyx ear ring studs glow under the reflected light. She carry a black shining PADD and the god chain to her small Black handbag fit well the outfit.

[You really should have taken a transporter.] Cetallia spoke in the Orion Tongue that the UNiversal Translator did not have on file, only the True Orions, Slave traders to a degree and very Trusted family spoke in this manner.

[I prefer quezy to scrambled.] Tozara retort in the same tongue. [Besides; more people to highlight the lovely new ensemble.] He continued.

[No changing the subject.] She smiled as he did still find her Lovely even after knowing how she was treated. [Quarters are set and transportation should be at hand.]

Going ahead the Man standing with a large PADD with the name 'Tozata' caught his eye. He lead Cetallia in that direction.

"I am Tozata, this is my Girl Cetallia, she signs for me the bill." HE smiled a toothy grin.

"Todor." The Stocky Humanoid gave his name; his black jacket and slacks off the rack but presentable. "I am your Driver Sir."

"I will see to the luggage." The Orion said as she offered a hand. "Good to meet you Todor. If you would see The Master to his ride I will be along shortly. I have hired men to deliver but it is wise to keep a check on them."

"Go with her, I will get a drink in the Lounge while you two fuss over my luggage." Tozata nod. "Come get me when you are set to leave." He took her hand and kissed it. "Do not get lost."

"Never Mas-ter..." Cetallia let the word draw out, and watched him leave before turning. "Come along Todor, he is only so patient but he tips really well if good service, let's assure you a big tip right?" She winked.

[Hour and a half later.]

The high rise suite was not a penthouse; Tozata detest paying too much for what he will not use. Five bedrooms and facility with a modest balcony for small gathering is all he required. Well a large Spa tub with jets in his Suite did make the list as well. The plushness of the place is adequate; it was only a place to relax and sleep. Plus Cetallia like to have 'creature comforts'around her after how his brother treat her when not on display is not kind. Making his bed more endearing was a strategy; it had not worked well, and she preferred her cot in a closet to the 1000 stitch bed sheets of his Brother's bed.

"Have we an appointment with the Queen of the Family?" He asked in common.

"On the morrow." Her voice purred a bit as Cetallia ran a hand over the very comfortable sofa in the Main area; only half looking at him."11 am sharp." SHe did a little squeak at the fluffy pillows with the black 'fur' pillow covers. "Warm and comfy..." She did more than glance at Tozata, "You are such a softy."

"Don't let that get around as you are aware only one Girl gets special needs." He moved over to the bar to make himself a drink, finding the imported drink well stocked. "Thank you." Tozata cracked a can of the Root Beer, took a swig and placed it on the bar. "Now, how many of the boys and Girls are present and accounted for?"

"Half Dozen, the Ladies came though, hated Risa saying they wanted more." She came over to the bar and took a drink from his can. "They liked the places you arranged for them." She smiled and offered the can to Tozata.

"You sure of the areas?" He accepted and drank before handing it back to her. "You know how we take care of Ladies around here.

"All the best." She took a long drink.

"Bottom half is mine." He said casually, she pout and put it down. "The Lads get settled?"

"Each to his own; they will let us know when they are ready to play again." She sat up on the stool opposite Tozata. "Driver came recommended; said he is much better than he looks."

"Get him some decent suits." He look up. "On his time not mine."

"Of course." She winked. "Speaking of which there is a Cardie tailor that you have an appointment with in a couple of hours." SHe pointed out. "And the fine dinner you promised if I did good." SHe gave that smile that had a sparkle only an Orion could achieve in any lighting.

"You did good." He took her hand and kissed it. "Office on upper level?"

"Second door left, next to your suite as requested." Cetallia sigh. "Office already..." She almost sounded like a whine.

"Too long on the Liner, I need the secure line." Tozata said as he snatched his half empty can.

"Leo was here and left message saying the "Repair Request is done." SHe tried the sad pouting eyes but he was in motion. "I am claiming bottom rights on the next one." She called after him.

"You know the rule." He reminded her over his shoulder.

"Bottom line and can are what matter to the Boss." They said in unison.

"Give me an hour to check and shower before tailor appointment." He started up the spiral steps.

"Wash your back..." Cetallia knew the answer even as she said the words in a sly grin. "You did say I did good." To herself and the Orion; cat like, grin emerged as she tapped her left hand nails lightly on the bar.



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