Just the Usual

Posted on Tue Aug 11th, 2020 @ 6:39pm by Ashex Oo

Mission: 00- Family Gathering
Location: Ashex Oo’s Penthouse, Stardust City
Timeline: MD01-0730

Warm amber coloured light filtered through the fibres of the window shade as the sun rose to start another day on Freecloud.

The early light easily filled the small bedroom through its wall to wall windows.

The deep dark of the architecture and decor were offset with the colourful geometric Catullan affects added by the penthouse’s occupant. The space had become something of a sanctuary to her.

Ashex woke as the sun began to pour onto her bed. The warmth enveloped her as she stirred into a stretch..

The Catullan sat up and pushed her blanket down. The Betazoid silk of her chemise shone in the morning light as she stood from her bed and moved toward the en-suite.

As if by memory she turned on her shower to let the water warm without so much as opening her eyes. That is until she got in from of the mirror to see what she’d be working with that morning.

Ashex has a typical light tan skin of her people and the naturally lilac hair, which after a restful night resembled something of a tumbleweed.

She looked for a moment and then removed the straps of her chemise and allowed it to fall to the floor. She pressed a control on the wall and Catullan pop music began to fill the room as she stepped in to the shower.

There was something about a real shower that Ashex loved. The warm water pouring over her, wrapping her in a comforting feeling that reminded her of of her Mother. Even the faint acidic scent of the Stardust City water had grown on her, and become something of a comfort after a long day.

Several minutes passed and Ashex finally stepped out of the shower, a towel wrapped around her body. She set to work immediately on her hair. Catullan hair was notoriously difficult , even for Ashex, and though she kept hers short it still ate up most of her time in the mornings. She opted to style it as she always did, straightened with a bit tucked neatly behind her ear.

Now she moved to her closet. Ashex had always preferred handmade clothing to replicated.
The lilac haired woman sifted through her clothing, and pulled three outfits. She laid them out neatly on her bed and stood back to admire them. One was a beautiful vintage Chanel suit in a lovely cream colour that she’d acquired on a visit to Earth. The second was a Betazoid designed jumpsuit that was a deep emerald colour. The third was another Human design. A crimson coloured pencil dress that fell a considerable length below her knee with a sleek tie detail at the collar.

She took her time making her decision and finally chose the crimson dress. She quickly hung the other options back in the closet. While there, she reached for a pair of white pointed toe leather pumps.

Slipping into the dress, Ashex finally noted the time. She zipped up and hastily put the shoes on. She grabbed her bag and made her way out the door in one swift move.

For how tranquil her mornings started, they usually ended with a mad dash to a meeting or some sort of appointment. Today was no exception. As the lift doors parted depositing the lilac haired woman in the lobby of her building, the sleek black vehicle that arrived every morning to take wherever she needed pulled up.

The car door opened on her approach and the driver looked back at her as she entered. He gave her the same nod as he did every morning, followed by a warm smile. “Busy morning ?” He asked.

Ashex sighed. “Just the usual.” She have a sly smile and put on her sunglasses as the car sped away from her building and into the morning traffic.