All members of the community are expected to be a part of what we strive to make not only a writing group but a family. As part of this family, all are expected to have mutual respect for each other and while constructive criticism is encouraged being rude and being intolerant is not acceptable.

All members of the sim must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older to join.

Our acceptable adult content rating is 323, as defined per the RPG Rating System:

Any member of the sim found to have been anything but truthful with identity or age will be removed and banned from the sim.

The Game Staff are not responsible for content posted by a member but has the right to moderate it at any time.

Members of the Game Staff are the leaders of the community and have the final say in all matters, with the final decision resting with the Game Master (GM).

Any guidance to community or sim operations listed on the rules page of the website shall be considered standard operating procedure unless otherwise announced by the Game Staff.

Anyone who is actively using the Gangs of Freecloud website, Discord server, or any other service agrees to follow the rules and regulations regardless of membership status.

All members of the Gangs of Freecloud are members of the 22nd Fleet and subject to the fleet’s charter and bylaws as listed on their website.


The Game Staff is led by the Game Master (GM) who is the final authority on all matters regarding the group. The GM is assisted by (an) Assistant Game Master(s) (AGM) who are assigned responsibilities by the GM. Unlike most sims, however, the members of the staff are not linked to any IC position. IC rank/position has no relation to the administration and operation of the community.

In the event of a Leave of Absence or Emergency Situation where the Game Master is unavailable, they should make all attempts to have a plan to delegate authority to the Assistant Game Master(s). In the event that the GM is unable to leave an LOA plan with the AGM(s), the (senior) AGM shall assume temporary authority as GM. At the time of the GM’s return, they will resume their authority as GM with the delegated authority returned to them unless otherwise directed by the GM.


Characters must be of an appropriate species.Characters who are genetically modified, have weird species combinations, or have "special abilities" will not be accepted. Human Augments and telepaths from non telepathic species will not be considered. Species that are restricted include, but are not limited to: Q, Borg, Breen, Androids, Xindi, Modified Suliban, species indigenous to the Gamma or Delta Quadrants, non-corporeal species, and non-humanoid species such as Tribble or Horta.


Any creative content created and/or submitted for use by the Gangs of Freecloud will become property of the Gangs of Freecloud and modified as used as the game staff sees fit regardless of membership status. All content will be credited appropriately, however it will be the responsibility of the creator to ensure that contact information such as email addresses or website addresses are kept up to date.