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Posted on Tue Aug 25th, 2020 @ 5:11pm by Ashex Oo & Miraya Tiala

Mission: 00- Family Gathering
Location: Ashex Oo’s Penthouse, Stardust City
Timeline: MD05-0900

It had been two days since the first meeting. Miraya had made her decision last night, or early this morning. She slept soundly after that, for the first time in a long time. She approached the Penthouse. Funny. She hadn't made an appointment. That may have been a mistake, but it was too late to turn back now. She rang the bell and waited for the lightening quick maid to answer.

Rosalba would normally have answered but today Ashex was on her way out a little earlier than usual she was startled a bit when the bell rang as she approached the exit. Seeing who it was she smiled. “Ahhh, I hoped it would be you.” She said. “Walk with me?” She asked, clearly in on a schedule.

"Certainly," Tiala answered, following the woman. "I have come to a decision about your employment offer. First, though, a few alterations to the compensation. I will need a home. A nice one. Outside the city proper. I like to keep work and home separate. Second, the pay rate isn't really up to par for such a position. It would need to be doubled. Last, I will need an exclusive encrypted comm link. No questions asked. No one else to have permissions or access. If these alterations are agreed to, then I will accept the position." She didn't look at Ashex directly, but was keeping her peripheral vision alert for changes in her facial expressions. Tiala had nothing to lose by making these demands, so she was nonchalant about them. This was normal business, right? If she was going to protect the highest profile person on the planet, she should be justly compensated.

Ashex reached for the control to summon the lift. “You will be provided with a residence, but it will be in the city. As the position requires you to be on call 22/7, I can’t have you too far. The rate of your compensation can be increased and a secure Comm link is more than agreeable.” The spoke with little inflection to her voice. “Was the anything else?” She asked as the lift doors parted. The lilac haired Catullan led the way inside.

Tiala followed, thinking about the "on call" explanation. "Fine, then a single person home inside the city. Not an apartment. Not a penthouse. A stand alone structure I can rig with the security measures I will require. Otherwise, there's no way I can accept the job. If you can make it so with the house, money and comm link, then I will accept. One more thing," she decided to add. "I will need complete honesty from here on out about what's going on. I can hardly be expected to put my life on the line to save yours if I'm in the dark. I'm not asking for you to spill your guts to me about your personal life, just the business end of things."

As the lift descended, Ashex considered the requests in silence. “Finding a single dwelling in the city will not be easy.” She sighed. “I could have one of my warehouses emptied for you to do as you please.” She offered.

"Then we are agreed," Tiala responded. "If you'll transfer title and deed to me, I'll move in and get to work setting up my new home. I'll give whomever you wish my bank information. And how should I address you, in private and/or in public?" Tiala's mind was already racing about all that would need to be done to feel safe in the city.

The lilac haired woman nodded. “You’ll accompany me around today first.” Ashex said as the lift stepped in the lobby of the well appointed building. “Call me Miss Oo or ma’am. It makes no difference to me really.” She continued her stride towards the door, which was held open by a Bolian doorman who tipped his hat to the woman. She approached the open door of a vehicle. “We can stop off to see the warehouse first.” She offered.

"Fine, ma'am," Tiala responded. "After the warehouse, what is our destination and reason for going there? As I said, I am on a need to know about the job I'm doing. I'll need to know what threats there are so I can do my job well. I also need to know what...tactics are acceptable to you. Each boss I've had was unique in their temperaments."

“I though maybe lunch at Yamok?” Ashex sounded like an socialite or an heiress until her face shifted and she continued. “I have accounts to settle with the owner.”

"So a business lunch," Tiala said, with a sly grin. "The better I get to know my way around, the easier to do my job. You haven't said what tactics are acceptable. It's important to clear that up before we meet your 'friend' for lunch."


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