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Keeping Everyone Honest

Posted on Tue Aug 11th, 2020 @ 7:01pm by Jack Hammer & Nodre Felrug
Edited on on Tue Aug 11th, 2020 @ 7:02pm

Mission: 00- Family Gathering
Location: Stardust City

[Stardust City]
[Wharf 8 - Warehouse 31]
[0200 hours]

"Tell me, again!" Hammer had the thief pinned against the wall. He slammed his fist into the wall next to Nodre Felrug's head.

"I told you everything I know. I stole the phase regulator from Detective Risotta's transport, then I sold it to Argyle."

Hammer pushed the Felrug up the wall so his feet no longer touched the floor. "Didn't they tell you when you arrived that we don't," He pounded the wall next to Felrug's head again, "steal from the police."

"I didn't know!" Felrug stammered.

"Why did you steal it from Detective Risotta's transport?" Hammer said, then bounced Felrug against the wall a couple of times.

"Ar Ar Argyle said he needed one. Detective Risotta's transport was the only place I could find one."

"Then you'll have to get it back. We can't afford to have the police looking into our business."

"But but but Argyle won't give it back to me."

"Then we'll get it back." He dropped Felrug to the ground. "Take me to this Argyle."

[Wharf 8 - Warehouse 19]
[0300 hours]

Felrug pointed to a warehouse. "That's where Argyle hangs out." There were lights strobing inside the warehouse and music could be heard.

Hammer pushed Felrug towards the door, "Then let's go in."

Felrug opened the door, the music got louder. A bouncer stepped up to stop them. Hammer pushed Felrug to the side. "Is there a problem?"

The bouncer looked Hammer over, "This is a private party. Invitation only."

Hammer smiled and reached behind his back, "Here is my invitation." He hit the bouncer in his head. The bouncer dropped like a rock. Hammer tossed the bouncer's inert body outside and stepped through the door.

He looked at Felrug, "The threat of violence only works when there is actual violence to back it up. Some people need to be shown rather than told."

Felrug stammered, "Ye ye yes Sir."

"Show me where this Argyle is."

Felrug pointed towards a loft area, "He is usually up there, where he can keep an eye on things."

"Then let's go." They walked around the dance floor to the stairs.

There was another bouncer of the same type as the door bouncer at the foot of the stairs. He put out his hand to stop them. The bouncer started to speak.

Hammer stopped him, "No, I don't have an appointment, but your boss will want to speak with me."

The bouncer nodded, then touched his ear and whispered into his lapel microphone. "You can go up."

Hammer started up the stairs followed by Felrug.

Argyle stood up from his couch and looked at Felrug.

Felrug spoke up quickly, "I need the phase regulator back."

"Sorry, all transactions are final."

Hammer stepped forward, "You should reconsider."

Argyle stepped back, "I need that phase regulator."

Hammer took another step forward, "Do you know who I work for?"

Argyle looked Hammer over again, then nodded.

Hammer spoke slowly, "Don't you think you should return the phase regulator."

Argyle nodded again.

"See that you do." Hammer turned and left.


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