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Ashex Oo

Name Ashex Ajarah Oo

Position Head of The Family

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Catullan
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9.5"
Weight 124 LBS
Hair Color Lilac
Eye Color Cerulean
Physical Description Ashex is a tall, slender. She has shorter length hair, in a light lilac colour. He face still radiates youthfulness.

She is always pristinely dressed in the latest fashion, a show of her power and station in Stardust City.


Father Unknown
Mother Ajarah Oo (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ashex is known for her sweet talking. She can be the most friendly person ever, but has a temper that can change in an instant.
Hobbies & Interests Ashex loves to entertain.

Personal History Born in Stardust City, Freecloud, Ashex was born into the criminal organization known as The Family. Her mother Ajarah Oo, known as Mama, was the Head of The Family at the time of Ashex's birth, her father is unknown. By age two, tragedy struck when an attack by the Orion Syndicate left the estate in which she and her mother lived in ruins. By chance no one was home.

The Family was ever growing, and was in the midst of taking control of the territory controlled by other rival groups. It was a dangerous time for Ashex to grow up.
In her early teens, Ashex began to sing in one of the clubs The Family used as a headquarters. Little did she know the club had been infiltrated by the infamous Andorian Priory, a crime family that was attempting to place a foothold on Freecloud, or that one day they would strike.

Ashex was taken hostage by the Priory who attempted to use her as leverage to take some of The Family’s turf. Her mother was irate and mounted what equates to a war with the Andorian gang.

After 6 months in captivity, Ashex was liberated.

The experience left the teenager wanting to be more involved in her family business. She began taking jobs with The Family, which she soon discovered it brought her a thrill she could never have imagined. She wanted to have a hand in it all, and was seduced by the power and luxury that members of the Family exuded. .

Her parentage paved the way for Ashex’s rise through The Family’s ranks. By 24 years old, she found herself as one of Mama’s most trusted lieutenants.

She knew that because she was a female and Mama’s daughter, she would never be taken seriously by many members of The Family or any of the other Gangs in Stardust City. Until Mama fell ill and passed very suddenly. Ashex mourned, as did the entire Family.

Competitors saw Mama’s death as a chance to make a move on The Family’s territory. Ashex led the offensive. She organized some carefully planned moves, a number of hits, and a campaign to publicly discredit the other major crime groups on Freecloud, she soon found herself at the head of the reigning crime family in Stardust City. People flocked from other families to join before action came against them, and soon the force amassed was the largest that the underground of Stardust City had seen.