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Roque Galveston

Name Roque Tremane Galveston

Position Sawbones

Character Information

Nickname/ Alias Doc Killpatent
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft 2 in
Weight 212 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Galveston is a powerful man who made his way through Medical School playing Soccer as a forward; some said he should have gone into football but he declined. He keeps himself in an athletic state of physique by playing sports but for his patients. He has a grip that is strong and precise; he often has a knife on his side, the Karambit, a blade reminiscent and lightly decorated to resemble a Raptor claw with a finger ring at end of hilt.

His voice is lower; almost bass, it can be more jovial but easily morbid. He has a dry sense of humor in the rare occasions he uses it.


Father Nathan
Mother Cynthia
Brother(s) Jake (Dead)
Harlin (strained at best relationship)
Sister(s) Linda (Married and his only Family he counts mutually))
Other Family Grizzy A nurse Practitioner that is a 'Die Hard Do Gooder' (Friend / Confidant)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Galveston is a contradiction; his oath to help and not harm was out the window in the Military but he seeks to help more than hurt. He has a deeply rooted anguish as he is among few Doctors that in time of combat would go with the best chance to save over any other choice. His callus choices earned him the Nickname Doctor Killpatient. The contrdiction is he has highly sought after surgical skills. He put people together; when motivated even under combat, like no one else. It was an almost empathic sense with the humanoid body. It was his Military reputation and his refusal to treat a kid that had a mortal wound; not even Galveston could patch him together, of Gang Family's Elite that was left to die. The repercussions were severe and his name was slandered to a point he barely kept his licence, so he had to turn from the practical medicines to the darker side.

He is a meloncoly man who wants to do well but his name is associated with such slander no legitimate medical facilities will have him on staff and that has made him a hard minded individual. HE is cold and calculating; appears to drink not to excess but more than social. The 'Family; especially Mama, had trusted him and thus his place was secure. He is bitter on the surface and loyal to his family and friends to the core. Never a more wasted resource of medical skill ruined by slander. He works for the family and friends only; it is sad he has few 'friends' as he is actually very accomidating when the gruff exterior is set aside.
Ambitions One day have a legitimate practice.
Hobbies & Interests Tai Chi
Staff Freestyle flow techniques.
Poi Tricks
Knife technique
Xeno-Anatomy Study
Ballroom Dancing
Has a singing voice can be a crooner style.
Fine dining