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Name Tozata

Position Master of Acquisitions

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ferengi
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 5 in
Weight 147 lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tozata is what appears a typical Ferengi in his height and facial structure; not an imposing figure at all compare to most other males. This is where the comparisons stop; he is known to be in more upper casual attire, a sports style jacket and fine silk shirt when doing business. He does not contour to the ROAs as strictly as most, he does has a tuxedo when he does big business but prefers stylish casual attire.

While not imposing he is not without some ‘style’ all his own; often seen with a walking stick that he carries for show; or more like a weapon in his hands and on more ‘questionable’ places he will wear a disruptor on his right thigh to even the odds. He also has a compact Ballistic weapon and Derringer up his sleeve. He is always with his Sonic Spanner multi-use tool.


Father Quartenetn
Mother (Moogie) Morfara
Brother(s) Torbin (Father’s successor, older), Tunsa (Moogie’s favorate Older)
Sister(s) Hesoma (Twin, married off)
Other Family Cetallia (Orion Indentured Servant)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tozata wasa raised on Risa; his father had a business based there as his ‘Head Office’ where he sent out his two elder brothers so he was doomed to being slave labor because family is for taking advantage of. Tozara quickly learn to make his own way on the streets; doing odd jobs and having his ‘tribute’ taken away by his father. This sparked te keen mind to think of ways to make profit.He used the ‘adapted’ Rules to inspire him; he grew in knowledge as profit then expanded to include others as a team. As Mastermind he was aloof and earned their resapect but never sought friendships. The Boss had to be above and alone. Latinum is not his only profit; favors and resources as Latinum was just a medium for the Barter System; always the deal is king.

Not one to show sides Tozara would work for all sides; his objectives were his profit and drive. He planned and executed for all he had in life; emotional attachment or profit. He is a Gentleman in many ways as he has his own Honor; his word ‘Is’ his Bond. When a deal is struck he will follow it to the logical end profit. HE does not lie to your face; speaking in half truths out of context rather than a direct lie. ‘Honor the Barter’ is his motto; he will work for anyone that pays; even the Security Forces if it is in his profit. He is an Aquisitions Specialist; he finds things that need be sought. The reasonong not as important as the end goal.He is loyal to those he works with unless they are foolish and then he will be swure not to give them any helpnor expect any of he is the fool. He views Ferngi Rules as ‘guidelines’ and follows as it profitable only.

Female are beautiful; they can help with profit but are a losing bet in the long run; always let you down. ‘If love is in the air, shoot it dead while you can.’ He might find one someday but that is a high risk deal.
Ambitions Live long enough to enjoy the profits.
Hobbies & Interests Xeno- Historical relics Study
Gun smithing
Creating replica Historical relics and weapons.
Computer Programming
Formal dancing
Formal dining
Eletronic Tool design
The Earth Game of Volleyball
He loves women

Personal History As a kid he tried to work about the business district doing odd jobs for his own profit only to give his ‘Tribute’ to his father and also to the Grad Nagas; His father naturally collected it in ‘trust’ for Tozata. Losing 40% of his profits taught him a valuble lesson, cut out the ‘Middle Man’ which was his father. He began to make his own adaptations to the Ferengi Rules.

With creative ‘interpretations’ of Ferngi traditions he was able to set himself up early as a teen running a lucritive business of ‘Protection’ without being extortion. Being kids his ‘band’ found they could stay just out of site and get information. Listening to the Hoodlums and their bosses; hiding in small access places they would get the ‘goods’ and sell it to interested parties. If a business was targeted in their ‘Turf’ then Tozata would; for a small fee, warn them of impending danger from rivals. Merchants discovered that not saying that a band of Kids were their source his clients became very exclusive to his operation.

Tozata learned a legitimate Martial Art; a form called iKALI; a form ranging from open hand through blades and escrima sticks with bone breaking techniques. Tozata soon found the bullies left him be as he was small in stature but skilled in fighting back.

To keep Moogie off his back he did learn the art of gymnastics and dancing to be able to attend Family Business gatherings and occupy ‘Fe-Male girls from clients. Trained in manners and how to be a gentleman helped him in family and other endeavors. He found that Daddy’s Little Girl can get moody if she did not get her way. And girls knew things about Daddy that might not be good to pass along to an attentive male who is willing to let them emote on a kind shoulder.

This business lead into the observing of other operations; who were the Drug peddlers; the Fences and the ones who plain and simple stole. Clients would pay a fee to ‘recover’ lost goods. This venue became a second line of funding. By the time he had gotten to his teen years he was a mastermind of a gang; who the ones on the streets would join for the chance to have real food in their bellies and even a place to ‘flop.’ School had taught Tozata the basics of math and history of Profits like any good Ferengi child should learn. He worked Smarter rather than harder. He learned computer programming to help his father’s business as a repair specialist; family labor was free and no one realized the tricks Tozata acquired from a business point of view.

Forging manifests; or creating ‘Front companies to hide less ‘acceptable’ business ventures by authorities had a skill set that could be used in many venues. Making a contract for a dwelling rental to have his boys ‘flop down’ and so long as they obey rules had a good roof over their heads. But the cost of business rose with each venture and something had to cover the gap. Recovering stolen goods for the clients was a fine line but Tozata began to learn the Security System Biz in order to help his ‘Protection’ enterprise. With knowing who were the thieves it was another angle to ‘acquire’ goods from the Private Sector. Higher risk and as the rules state; the higher the risk the higher the profit. He started by getting to know as a profitable Fence.

One acquisition that Tozara made; strictly for Personal reasons, was to get something from his Elder Brother; a cherished item that had been in his possession for years. Tozata was in his early twenties and there was a beautiful Slave Girl from Orion Home Worlds; around the same age as Tozata and had been a Slave of his brother; even used as a bonus night with her for good clients, and he just never had the means; or maybe the guts, to do anything about her. When his brother did not follow through with a deal stating ‘Family does for family’ and no paying up, Tozara took the prized Orion girl, got to Federation space just after he had her sign Indentured Servant contract that in 7 years of faithful service she would be freed and given 10 bars of Gold pressed Latinum if she fulfilled the contract. Mostly he did this to irritae his older brother and she is a very pretty Orion fe-male.

Always learn from the best, and with the reputation of ‘Tozata’s Business Operations in certain circles he was accepted as an individual with promise in the Darker Side of Business, he was welcomed by the best. How many 15 year-olds had access to the Don of the city’s chauffeur for a date? Especially a date with a rival’s daughter by a neutral party. Learning to case a joint while being attentive to the lady. He could pass information that other interested parties needed to make a heist. As long as the Don’s people were not hit all was well. One of the Don’s loyal Gunmen/ Bodyguard took Tozata under his wing and taught the young man the art of using Energy weapons as well as Ballistic ones. The style for drawing and hitting what he aimed at; three seconds of concentration on a target and Tozata can draw and hit every time.. Having the 3 seconds for that ‘no miss’ is a trick; in a fast draw he had high odds and speed but with those seconds just ‘looking down-range, he was worst than an assassin’s shot.

Also, Tozata is smart enough to have a Business Front that paid Tribute to the Grand Nagas on all profits and siding on the higher extra percentage for the decimal places made his books look like he was favoring the Nagas in transactions. Even numbers in favor kept the Auditors away.

Near his adulthood and when he had a few years in the right circles Tozata learned the value of art and jewels. Most of the ‘high end jewels and Art were not acquired by the most ‘Legitimate’ means and it was the paperwork that is everything. Forgery is a skill that never goes out of style; especially when the ‘Antiques or Art’ are involved. Tozata became a thief in a way not often done; when he acquired a valuable piece he also managed the accompanying Paperwork; then a legitimate transaction for an added fee of 20% street value, if money changers can so would Tozata. Also certain tricks of forging items; art is difficult but anything with metal properties was a specialty of Tozata. He was a master forger for items like classic weapons and firearms. Art is too finicky to be a mainstay; being able to spot a forgery was all he did for the Art world. He was a hobby as a gunsmith and forging his unofficial specialty.

With permission from the Don Tozata made his own business of Acquisitions; he took requests for items; then he would do what is needed to deliver them to his clients. If a Dilithium Necklace from Tator III would make a client’s wife ecstatic, then for the right price Tozata got it. He also had a small; close knit team that would go out and do the majority of his contracts; after all, a good thief is worth his weight in Latinum. Now with an exclusive clientele list the ‘Honor among the thieves’ came at a price and Tozata learned early to bend a rule or two of the ROAs. Bribery and lower profit margin to contract out a job when doing several contracts might not seem profitable until it is the fact the Contractor took the risk and if caught had to find their own way out made it profitable. No connection and only acting like a fence left him limited liability. Not ‘cheating’ his contractors gave him a reputation worth more than Latinum.

Naturally Tozata did not sit on his laurels, he had skills from association and observation. He accepted the more profitable jobs or the ones that just perk his greedy ego. He tended to be the one to steal the materials required to make the exchange easier. A couple of his jobs he framed the owner as having tried ‘insurance fraud’ or having lost it and the paperwork the Merchant that it was legitimately sold to can cover his merchandiser and prove the item legal to sell by That merchant. Private collectors were less picky and thus easier to please. While studying the Securit system theory, it is best to master the basics and then go advanced he surmised. If one knew how and why it worked; then one knew all he needed.

One acquisition that Tozara made; strictly for Personal reasons, was to get something from his Elder Brother; a cherished item that had been in his possession for years. Tozata was in his early twenties and there was a beautiful Slave Girl from Orion Home Worlds; around the same age as Tozata and had been a Slave of his brother; even used as a bonus night with her for good clients, and Tozata just never had the means; or maybe the guts, to do anything about her.

Tozata had 25% of his business under and off any books another 25% went to the Grand Nagas to keep auditors off his back and the remaining percentage out-sourced. Diversity of profit begets rewards. Tozata had built a small but profitable business that had a larger client request list than he followed through with; thus, higher fees to have a contract fulfilled; and always 25% non-refundable deposit. One pays for the reputation for results.

Now Tozata makes his ‘Living’ off his reputation as a ‘Aquisition Specialist’ and the fact he comes through. His team of fellow ‘Specialists’ come and go by Contract. He has his hand in Legitimate work as well as allegedly not so legit. Rumors always fly about a Successful Small business man and he uses that like a smoke screen; keep the men’s ‘Respectful Tributes to their faces and the Ladies in ‘the gift of Admiration. Always have someone to give Oo-mox but never give the Security location or protocols. These are the rules Tozata lives by. He decided to check the Open Markets of Stardust city. There were Syndicates; different names but all the same, biding for power. All he need is find the powerful one and not aggitate them; maybe even, offer a job or two for good relations. Nothing personal just all in the Barter, it is all about the Barter.